Search this site     the moss report on: epithelioid sarcomas the following is an excerpt from the moss report on a rare type of cancer called "epithelioid sarcoma. " this is presented as a sample of the kind of reports we prepare, even on very rare tumor types. It is not to be taken as a guide to treatment of this or other kinds of cancer. There are moss reports on virtually every type of cancer in existence, including those which have metastasized to various sites. happens if you take 2 viagra pills These reports are all researched, written and kept up-to-date by ralph w. Moss, ph. D. Himself. cheap viagra without a prescription Further information on these reports is available by calling coordinator anne beattie at 718-636-4433. generic viagra india You have asked for a report on epithelioid sarcoma. viagra women australia I will discuss this tumor, then go on to a discussion of soft tissue sarcomas in general, and finally talk about alternative and complementary treatments. viagra canada As stated, this is a very rare tumor, a histological subtype of sarcoma, which occurs mainly in young adults (20 to 40 years of age) or even adolescents. The diagnosis is often delayed because of the unusual nature of the tumor. buy generic viagra (many doctors have never seen a case. ) sometimes under the microscope it looks like a non-malignant lymphedema (swelling) (skeletal radiol 1997;26:606). History: it is sometimes said that this tumor was first described in 1970 (hautarzt 1990;41:562). However, surgeons at m. D. Anderson cancer center in houston have been treating it since at least 1961 (arch surg 1991;126:1485). In fact, in 1874 prof. viagra 10 mg istruzioni Zahn described a "sarcoma epithelioides," which from the description sounds very similar to the present disease. Metastases: unlike most sarcomas, lymph node metastases are common in epithelioid sarcoma. viagra 10 mg istruzioni The lung is the most common site of distant metastases. Bone and brain metastases have also been recorded. In a 1978 survey, 5 out of 22 patients had vascular invasion from this tumor. Rarity: to demonstrate how rare this tumor is, the world's largest private cancer center, memorial sloan-kettering (n. Y. ), which has an international reputation as a center for the treatment of rare malignancies, saw a total of 16 such patients between 1982 to 1995, little more than one per year. what is viagra tadalafil Eleven of these (69 percent) were male; five (31 percent) female. buy viagra cheap The average age at diagnosis was 33 years. viagra pills europe The length of time that symptoms were noted before a diagnosis was finally made was 18 months. Similarly, in 11 years, doctors at the st. Jude children's research hospital, in memphis (which also specializes in the treatment of rare cancers) treated a total of 8 such cases. viagra 10 mg istruzioni Information: it is difficult to obtain detailed information on this tumor. The national cancer institute's statement for physicians simply alludes to this tumor's propen. viagra cost


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