..... los atacantes, intentaron derribar la fortaleza construida a lo largo de los años,
proclamando a los cuatro vientos las virtudes del nuevo reino. Casi lo consiguieron.
Pero el tiempo no hizo sino convencer a los caballeros defensores
de que su eleccion habia sido la correcta y mostrando la escondida verdad sobre el
nuevo reino, consiguieron permanecer en el sitio que
les correspondia por derecho, logrando asi la victoria final......
A mis hijas Elena, Blanca y Sandra,
por todo el tiempo que no paso con vosotras.


                               bone                       smooth muscle   cytology description ========================================================================= ● large cells with multilobulated nuclei and mature appearing adipocytes ● may have bizarre tumor cells ( acta cytol 2000;44:459 )   positive stains ========================================================================= ● mdm2 and cdk4 (both together are sensitive and specific, ajsp 2005;29:1340 ) ● s100 (adipocytes in 2/3 of cases) ● cd34 (some spindle cells) ● usually p16 ( appl immunohistochem mol morphol 2009;17:51 )   negative stains ========================================================================= ● hmb45   electron microscopy ========================================================================= ● pseudoinclusions due to invaginations of nuclear membrane   molecular / cytogenetics ========================================================================= ● ring or giant marker/rod chromosomes derived from 12q13-15 in almost all cases ● mdm2 and cdk4 by fish or real time pcr can differentiate from other sarcomas ( hum path 2006;37:1123 , ajsp 2007;31:1476 ) ● rarely have other structural rearrangements ( oncol rep 2005;13:649 )   molecular images =========================================================================   (a) ring chromosome, (b) giant marker chromosome, (c) anaphase bridge   differential diagnosis ========================================================================= ● lipoma - no atypical nuclei ● lipomatous angiomyolipoma - hmb45+ epithelioid cells, mdm2 and cdk4 negative ( pathol int 2006;56:638 ) ● lipoblastoma - age 3 or younger, mdm2 and cdk4 negative ( virchows arch 2002;441:299 ) ● paraffinoma - history of paraffin injection, no atypical nuclei, mdm2 and cdk4 negative ( br j radiol 2003;76:264 ) ● malignant fibrous histiocytoma - no adipocytes, mdm2 and cdk4 negative ● retroperitoneal round cell/myxoid liposarcoma - morphology may be similar, but negative for mdm2, cdk4 and 12q13-15 amplification ( mod pathol 2009;22:223 )   additional references ========================================================================= ● stanford university   end of soft tissue tumors > atypical lipomatous tumor / well differentiated liposarcoma       this information is intended for physicians and related personnel, who understand that medical information is often imperfect, and must also be interpreted in the context of a patient's clinical data using reasonable medical judgment. cheap viagra uk delivery viagra cost cvs is viagra sold over the counter in australia buy generic viagra   this website should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a licensed physician. viagra for sale viagra online bestellen generika generic viagra online 36 hour viagra youtube   all information on this website is protected by copyright, (c) 2001-2009, patholo. is viagra sold over the counter in australia viagra oral interactions cheap viagra generic viagra sold in canada buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra Active ingredients viagra buy viagra

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